The Evolutionary Advantage of Conifers: A Lesson for the Business World

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3 min readAug 29, 2023


(Betting on Conifers in an ecosystem that seems to favor Angiosperms)

Nature’s wisdom extends beyond biology, revealing lessons that can be applied across various fields including business, investing, and entrepreneurship. The evolutionary advantage of conifers over angiosperms offers a rich metaphor for these domains, revealing strategies for success.

1. Conifers vs. Angiosperms — The Initial Challenge:
Angiosperms, or flowering plants, grow rapidly, often overshadowing and outcompeting conifers. Key characteristics include:
• Rapid Growth: Seizing sunlight and nutrients quickly.
• Broad Spread: Diversifying into various ecological niches.
• Seasonal Advantage: Producing flowers and seeds in a single season.
• Initial Dominance: Outcompeting other plants in many environments.

2. The Conifer’s Response — Evolutionary Adjustments:
Conifers, though initially disadvantaged, evolved strategies focusing on long-term survival, known as “roundaboutness.” Here’s how:
• Slow Growth: Investing in deep roots and robust wood for long-term stability.
• Adaptation to Harsh Conditions: Thriving in poor soil, cold temperatures, dry climates.
• Longevity: Living much longer than angiosperms, withstanding environmental changes.
• Recovery from Disturbance: Re-establishing and thriving after disruptions like fires.
• Unique Reproductive Strategies: Cones protect seeds until germination conditions are right.

3. What Businesses Can Learn:
The conifer’s evolutionary advantage provides valuable insights for the business ecosystem:
• Patience and Strategy: Building solid foundations for sustainable growth.
• Adaptability: Being flexible to market dynamics.
• Resilience: Weathering difficulties, emerging stronger.

4. Application to Investing and Startups:
The principles exemplified by conifers have special relevance to investments and startups:
• Investments: Emphasizing patient strategies aligned with slow growth. The principles of compounding
small advantages over time
• Startups: Building resilience through solid foundations, frugality and adaptability.

5. The Evolutionary Triumph of Conifers — A Detailed Exploration:
This tale of slow triumph against rapid expansion offers lessons for business and investment:

• Slow and Steady Growth: Foundational growth ensures stability and longevity.
• Survival in Harsh Conditions: Thriving without competition from angiosperms in certain niches.
• Efficient Resource Utilization: Reducing water loss through specialized needle design.
• Long Life Span: Outliving angiosperms by years or centuries.
• Recovery Strategies: Regrowing after disturbances. Agility!
• Unique Reproductive Strategies: Protecting seeds in cones for future germination. A great culture and team protects and reproduces itself.

6. Conclusion:
The evolutionary journey between conifers and angiosperms uncovers principles of patience, resilience, adaptability, and strategic growth. These insights serve as a reminder that success may come not to the swiftest, but to those who adapt, endure, and grow thoughtfully.

In the realms of business, investments, and entrepreneurship, the wisdom of conifers inspires a slow and steady triumph. Embracing the principles of “roundaboutness” and the conifer’s evolutionary strategies can lead us towards sustainable success.

This white paper synthesizes a wealth of information to present a simple exploration of the conifer’s evolutionary triumph. By drawing parallels to the business world, it serves as a guide and inspiration for sustainable growth and success.

Source: DAO of Capital
Inspiration: All the Conifers in the first inning, keep pushing forward and don’t get discouraged